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I’m Ed Bye, a professional Electronic Engineer of considerable years. Currently I am self-employed. I work and have done for a good while in the field of medical research designing electronic instrumentation and apparatus to enable the progress of science. I am a Member of the IET and also a Registered Clinical Technologist.

I have many interests, however a lot of my professional work addresses neurological aspects of movement, making devices that help scientists understand how we move, what happens when things go wrong inside our brains, nervous system and muscles. This has taken me in to areas of direct electrical control deep within the brain, functional muscle stimulation as well as being on the periphery of sensation and active prosthetic limbs – robotic arms. Currently I am developing a new form of medical imaging system.

For a small number of years I have operated as a STEM Ambassador, voluntarily promoting and encouraging school children to take up exciting and interesting carers as scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians. These subject are all interlinked.

More recently I have been attending the Southend-on Sea Linux Users Group (soslug) and have recently become a member.

P.S. I am a different Ed Bye to the Film/TV producer and I am not married to Ruby Wax, he is someone different. The only and tenuous connection we have is that one of their daughters was at the same university as one of my sons and that they lived next door to each other in halls of residence for a short time.

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